From a design store to a design house in Berga Bazars, Elizabetes 83a.

xcelsior began the New Year with a symbolic project – the opening of the xcelsior design house in an iconic example of Riga’s most significant historical architecture – the small, red wooden house inside Berga Bazars.

Just as the building, built in 1896, reminds us of change and the presence of ageless heritage in our daily lives, the concept of the xcelsior design salon housed within it represents a lifestyle in which classic design meets innovation. With the opening of the xcelsior design house in Berga Bazars and the pending closing of the design store on Blaumana Street, xcelsior has become even more cohesive.

The small wooden house in Berga Bazars is a symbol of the xcelsior design lifestyle in which everything is united – work, home, free time, hobbies, travel. In it, the essence of the xcelsior design is reflected in a real lifestyle environment.

The first floor is arranged as in a private home, encompassing all of its functional zones. The second floor contains a demo office reflecting the most innovative functional solutions for public interiors that also maintain aesthetic pleasure. The xcelsior design house exposition features Vitra, Boffi, DePadova, MA/U Studio and other leading international design brands.

The xcelsior design house in Berga Bazars, Elizabetes 83a, is open daily, from 10:00 -to 19:00, Saturdays from 11:00 to 17:00. Most products from xcelsior design selection are exhibited also in xcelsior design space on Uzvaras bulvāris 9.