xcelsior way of life

The recent challenges have encouraged us to look more closely at our homes – the layout, the things we surround ourselves with and the things what we lack. It turns out that our homes can also be our office, school, restaurant, gym, cinema or creative workshop in endless combinations and variations. Our ability to adapt truly is amazing, but we are convinced that our home is a place that should follow our needs – not only our tastes and personality, but also our lifestyle.

The iconic design company Vitra says about home, "There's no right size for home, and no correct style. It can be for one or for many; it can be a place to hide from the world or a space to welcome it in; it can be plugged into a network or completely off grid; it can be full of things or almost empty; richly decorated or stricktly minimal."

xcelsior is fascinated by the task of embodying our different lifestyles in architecture and design – from the layout to a choice coffee cup. Therefore, every month we will take a closer look at one angle of design that tells a story of an original lifestyle.